Tarashnaa, is not just a name. It’s a movement to showcase the art of our
skilled artisans to every part of the country.

Our products are truly handmade with love. It’s our responsibility that we
Indians should buy our own country made products. Your every purchase helps
these artisan’s, their families to fulfill their daily needs. New generations are
not willing to come and learn these art of hand carvings, Hand processing’s
because they are not able to get full work as per wages to fulfill need of their
families. Our artisans are suffering lot, but at the same time they have an
amazing skill.

Tarashnaa has started this journey as a vision for keeping our art of
craftmanship everlasting. In beginning we started with 2 artisans, but now we
have 40 plus people working with us. By your continuous love and support we
are giving employment to artisans. Your continuous support is encouraging us
to develop newer concept in handmade and hand-crafted quality products.

Tarashnaa is trying to search the art from every corner of our country and will
bring to you about their dedication and love in making of Tarashnaa products.

Every month we will bring a new story of artisans about their journey, their
families and their working skills.

So, stay tuned and keep supporting to your own people. Your every purchase
will transform a family future.

Let’s together join a race of making Aatmanirbhar Bharat “ Make in India”
With Love
Jai Hind